Mistress Suzanne's "Souvenirs" 


Imagine you owning a pair of panties that once graced the most intimate parts of my body. Panties that absorbed all of the sweet smells that exist between my legs. Perhaps a thong or g-string that nestled between my ample ass cheeks rubbing back and forth over my tight pungent asshole. Maybe you've imagined me pulling my panties back up after a hard pounding and cream-pie(s) from my BBC or after I masturbate. 



REGULAR SCENT Panties are worn for a full day OR night with low physical activity ~ 50


HEAVY SCENT  Panties are worn for a full day AND night with high physical activity ~ 75


EXTREME SCENT Panties are worn for 24 HRS. and/or during sex/masturbating ~ 100 


*look for scent options at checkout!

*tax + shipping added at checkout

*you will be asked for your address 

for shipping once 





You know your place is at my feet & you'd like nothing more but to stay beneath them, sniffing, licking ... sucking my toes, the solesI The smell of them is what you love the most...they STINK ......so good! Every pair of my socks sent out has been worn for a full day AND night and will be worn in the footwear that makes them sweat until they reek so they'll smell deliciously funky when you receive them. A true keepsake to remind you of your Goddess when we are apart.



REGULAR WEAR Light to Medium Smell ~ 25

EXTENDED WEAR Heavy Smell ~ 45

EXTREME WEAR Very Soiled with a strong odor ~ 65




Select from the Panties or Socks pictured on THIS PAGE


Send correct payment via E-Transfer to canadianworkshops@gmail.com *Gratuity is VERY much Appreciated

Contact me with the following:

1. Your selected item

2. The desired "scent" level 

3. Your completed payment amount (let me know the amount of gratuity added) 

4. An address where you would like your purchase mailed.

***If you prefer to pick up from the post office PLEASE REQUEST SO once payment has been sent

If buying panties also provide an E-mail or WhatsApp account to send pics to before mail out

mail ALL Personal Items in a discreet Canada Post envelope with either Vancouver, Canada as the return address or MS Workshops Canada  as the return address.

   *For Added Discretion: I can mail it so it is NOT delivered to your home address but can ONLY BE PICKED UP WITH ID at your local post office. You will receive a parcel pick-up slip only.



panties updated jan 7th 2021