A single one day or night session wherein the session length MUST be multiple consecutive booked hours (4 hrs min. + up to a max. of 12 hrs). Are you craving to give full control to a stunning + experienced Mistress for the night or for a handful of hours?


     This is the PERFECT way to experience Ownership with myself, Mistress Suzanne without committing to anything beyond the duration of this single session.


     My Level 1 Ownership starts with the 300$ Ownership Fee which gives Mistress full Ownership of you till the end of session (based on our contract). The fee includes the Contract of Ownership and either an hour text or phone session to begin which is used SPECIFICALLY to complete the contract together with me.

    The Contract is a consensual agreement with both Mistress + Subs' requests, desires, needs, goals + boundaries included. Once complete + satisfactory to both parties it will be signed + must then be followed as written. (Please note that this contract is in NO WAY legally binding). It can NOT be revised during the term of the ownership (due to the briefness of the Ownership).


     The Single Session Ownership fee grants you the privilege of being owned till the end of our booked session. If at the end of a Level 1 Ownership Contract you wish to advance to the Level 2 Long-term Ownership, your level 1 fee will be applied  towards the long-term ownership fee. The balance must then be paid IN FULL and our contract CAN be applied towards the new Ownership but can be revised or updated to suit the new arrangement.


     Such short Ownership might not make sense to some but it's available primarily so that seriously interested subs can have a trial run at my Ownership without having to commit to something they aren't actually ready for.

























     Level 2 is a Long-Term Ownership agreement that starts at a one month minimum + could potentially last years or even a lifetime. The Level 2 Ownership has a $1000 Ownership Initiation Fee which gives Mistress Ownership of you for the agreed upon term.


     This level of Ownership is the ultimate commitment to giving control to Mistress Suzanne. It is often sought out by Submissives' who have formerly been owned by perhaps a Dominatrix that retired from the Industry, got married or maybe just grew out of the BDSM "scene".  Because I'm NOT a lifestyle domme, a live-in arrangement would only be possible if the Owned Submissive rented or bought a place convenient to me + to my liking. My sub would live there + serve me full time on an approved schedule that would be incorporated into our relationship allowing Mistress the time needed to continue with current responsibilities in her life.


     Distance servitude is more commonly arranged and Mistress would have control over many aspects of your life yet, you would still be given "agreed upon freedom" .... as per our between your main duty of serving your Queen. The Ownership Certificate and Mistress/Slave Contract are included in the Fee. The contract can be revised repeatedly during a long term agreement to better suit both parties. This Ownership contract holds a penalty fee or buy-out fee if the submissive wants to "opt out" early. This fee is 500$.


     The availability of the Slave/Sissy as well as the outlined "Communication" (# of daily texts/phone calls or live cam connections during the term) will determine the rates that may apply additionally to this level of Ownership.


     At the end of every one week period Mistress will assign you homework or personalized assignments to be completed before the next week. Long term Ownership is often perfect for Sissies, Sissy Maids, long term Sissification Training, Feminization Fantasy, kept Slaves, Toy + Chastity Cage Training and others.  If agreed between both parties Mistress may periodically check in on your obedience and completion of daily tasks and assignments.








ownership contract for slaves and sissies; table of contents
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Be Owned by the ULTIMATE Goddess
The 1st page of the Ownership Contract
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