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ONLINE PURCHASE:Click on BUY NOW beside the video + use PayPals' secure checkout. You DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. The video below VISA /MASTERCARD & DEBIT. Prices are in CAD $. After payment you'll instantly receive the video link.  Purchase will appear  on your bank statement as Paypal purchase

OFFLINE PURCHASE:  Text/Phone 778-987-2767 to request desired video(s) Pay via E-TRANSFER to Once payment deposits successfully I'll send video(s) through text link, e-mail or Whatsapp. *PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL HANDLING FEE OF $5 for all offline purchases plus tax is still due as in direct purchase online


Fetish Videos  4 Sale

This symbol *** in the video title indicates that there are other people in the video besides Mistress Suzanne 

1. Smoke & Scat: Watch as your beautiful Mistress seductively chats with you as she smokes, then a POV view of her ass while doing a brown shower! Duration 6:29  +Released 07/24/18  $15    VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 20%

2. Horny Mondays at Suzanne's: One of the most intimate recordings of your Goddess! Exuding sex appeal in a  1-piece swimsuit ,watch Suzanne pleasure herself with 2  dildos in this sexy masturbation video. Duration: 8:57 +Released 02/12/19  $20 VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 20%

3. Sissy Humiliation: In this sadistic yet tantalizing  roleplay Mistress tells you she'll dress you up + stretch your Sissy hole because she knows you're a dirty cock whore! Duration: 6:10 +Released 07/17/19    $10

4. Your Best Friend's Hot Milf Mom: 2 PART VIDEO COMBO!  Suzanne plays your bf's HOT MILF Mom  teasing you about staring at her juicy ass! She seductively instructs u to worship it in this up close roleplay with LOTS of ASS  views PART 1 Duration: 10:27 PART 2 Duration: 7:04 Combined Duration: 17:31 +Released 07/26/19  $15


5. Slut For BBC***: Mistress Suzanne gets a raw pounding from a 20 yr. old BBC stud. He makes her cum multiple times leaving her with a big cream-pie but is ready for round 2 within minutes! Created upon request as a Custom Video. Duration: 12:13  +Released 06/21/21  $25 VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 20%

6. Lick That Pussy***: Mistress has an obedient pet between her legs  while she smokes + chats to the camera  pausing  only to instruct him . Duration: 12:53 +Released 04/21/21   $10

7. Traded for Drugs to BBC Drug Dealer***: Miss Suzanne plays a wife whose husband trades her to a BBC drug dealer for drugs. He has his way with her while her pathetic husband  watches. Duration: 10:16+Released 11/28/20    $25  VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 20%

8. BBC Queen Loves to Suck + Fuck***:  Watch the BBC oral Empress as she takes it in her big juicy lips. After she gets her black bull ready he fucks her like a champion! Duration: 10:13 +Released 11/1/20   $25  VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 20%

9. Toilet Play Compilation Golden/Brown Showers ***:  5 of Mistress Suzanne's best golden & brown shower clips in one incredible POV compilation. . Duration: 13:17 +Released 11/27/20 $20   VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 20%

10. BBC Cumshots & Creampies***:  NON-STOP Action in this collection of the best climaxes, cream-pies + cumshots with different BBC's  that pleasured your Mistress over the years. Duration: 13:25  +Released  11/19/21   $20   VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 20%

11. Son Catches Mom Getting Blacked***: Mom getting drilled by her BBC lover catches her son spying on them. She makes him watch telling him  his Dad could never fuck her like that. Duration: 10:47 +Released 04/12/21  $20

12. Pegging + Strap-On Compilation***:  EXTREME fisting, forced oral with a strap-on + a triple orgasm from Mistress Suzanne's merciless anal pegging  Duration: 12:23 +Released 11/26/21    $10

13.Masturbating Mommy Punishes Spying Son: Mom catches her son peeking while she's masturbating . She calls him in pulls out a big strap-on & orders him to ride it in this hot verbal roleplay. Created as a Custom Video upon request. Duration: 7:34 +Released 02/15/21  $15

14. Stepmom Pleases The School Bully***: Billy's stepmom trades in her loyalty to her stepson by having a wet, wild fling with the young school bully who steals her stepsons lunch money. Duration: 12:15 +Released 09/22/21  $20

 15. Extreme BBC F*cking***: A Super HOT compilation of Suzanne with 10 different BBC studs. The hottest climaxes from all her BBC shorts.. Duration: 13:23  +Released 01/07/22    $20 

16. I'm Going to Turn You Into a Trans: This  roleplay has Mistress addressing her  Sissy sluts to suck cock + drink cum until they love every second of it. Created as a Custom request Video. Duration: 11:23 +Released 07/10/20    $10

17. Cum Eating Covid Cure: A verbal CEI roleplay where Mistress Suzanne instructs  you to swallow  3 loads as it will prevent you from getting the virus. Created as a Custom Request Video. Duration: 10:42  +Released 03/15/20  $10

18. Hallowe'en Party Gone Wrong ***:  Mistress,  dressed as a naughty nurse is about to leave a Hallowe'en party because her BF passed out drunk. A sexy black man catches her before she goes telling her he'll  make her night MUCH better! Duration: 9:17 +Released 10/28/20     $20 SAVE 20% WITH A VIP MEMBER DISCOUNT CODE!

19. Fem Dom Dental Roleplay Forced Intox: In this seductive skit Mistress plays a Dental Assistant who drugs + uses her helpless patient. Created upon request as a Custom Video.  Duration: 7:51 +Released 06/13/20   $10!

20. CEI As a Punishment: This very strict roleplay has your Mistress in a verbal roleplay instructing you to swallow 3 loads of cum as a punishment for being disloyal & seeking out another Mistress. Created as a Custom Video upon request. Duration: 9:00 +Released 11/11/20    $10

21. Ruthless Mistress:  Mistress has no mercy as you see her in role as the sadistic Dominatrix she can be. This is an actual recording of an EXTREME  live cam session where the sub requested to anger her so she would threaten him with rape. Includes lots of SPH. Duration: 20:06  +Released 10/14/20  $10

22. Erotic Hypnosis (with JOI countdown): An explicit version of my erotic hypnosis roleplays. Mistress is topless and includes a full JOI countdown. Duration: 12:07 +Released 06/27/21     $10

23. Mom and Son Roleplay Compilation:  This provocative collection of 3 short clips goes together perfectly as Mistress Suzanne plays a seductive Mommy teasing her son and finally attaching nipple pumps for a teasing milking to watch POV. Duration: 9:31  +Released 12/15/20   $10

24. Ass Worship/Odor Fetish Compilation***: Fart fetish fans this one's for you. A collection of farts + ass worshippers who love to sniff lick and taste my ass. Duration: 9:23 +Released 12/02/20    $10

25. Night Club Booty Call w/Young BBC ***:  Sexy Suzanne meets a young 20 yr old BBC at the club who takes her home + after fingering the hot MILF she sucks + rides him raw so she can go home with a creampie for her husband. Duration: 16:57 +Released 05/28/21   $20

26. Bosses Orders or You're Fired!***: Mistress Suzanne is an angry  boss who orders her employee to get naked & worship  then fuck her ass to keep his job after finding out he's been watching porn on his office computer. Duration: 9:39 +Released 03/27/21   $15

27. BBC Cuckold Gangbang PART 1 & 2***:  Mistress is a cheating wife that brings home 3 BBC's from the club & makes her  humiliated cuck hubby watch in the corner as they pound her ! TOTAL DURATION:  30:56 Released 09/09/22  $25 VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 30%

28. Strap-on Mistress Pegging: A seductive  start turns into humiliating ass worship orders followed by HOT  & visual  instructions  on how to suck  Mistress's dildo. Then she describes how she'll  fuck you with her toys.  WHY? Because u were staring at her ass! Duration: 7:05 Released 11/10/22    $10

29. Forced Bi & Creampie Clean-up for Cuck Hubby ***:  Suzanne is a drunk cheating gf who laughs at her  bf when she comes home with a BBC from the club. She orders him to suck the BBC, then  makes him watch. When she's done she tells him to lick the BBC cream pie from her. Duration:7:22 Released 10/09/22    $15\

30. Fist Fuck Mistress Party ***: A wild night with my Mistress-in-training, 3 bi subs + a bi BBC stud. Two hand fisting, BBC forced oral , rimming orders, a strap-on pounding from Mistress + Sissy humiliation! Duration: 5:57 Released 23/10/22  $10

31. BBC Sucking & Cum in Mouth Compilation ***: With lips like hers it's no wonder the BBC studs Mistress has around can't get enough of them slurping, sucking & wrapped around their thick juicy cocks! And you'll agree Suzanne can't get enough EITHER! POV & RAW audio! Duration: 14:10 Released 02/11/22 $20 VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 25%

32. Sissy Cock Slut Dildo Taunt Compilation ***:  Six different clips of my best strap-on/dildo sissy humiliation & degradation scenes. Made for my horny cock sluts who want to be pounded & used like the dirty whores they are. Duration: 10:44 Released 12/11/22  $15


Newest Releases

33. Pregnant BBC Slut gets Hard Nipple Suck Breastfeeding***: Five pussy soaking creampies from random BBC's result in Suzannes pregnancy & she has to face her angry Dad. He arranges to get the highschool boy from down the street to come suckle her swollen tits to get her used to how breastfeeding her baby will feel. POV nipple sucking. Duration 8:39 Released 13/11/22  $25 VIP MEMBERS ENTER YOUR DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE 40%

34. Hypnotic Fart JOI: This tantalizing fart fetishists dream includes Mistress pushing out over half a dozen stinky farts. The way your Goddess purrs out this JOI in her hypnotic voice while starring right into the camera with her mesmerizing green eyes you'd never know every word is about her raunchy farts and how you'll love sniffing them. Duration 5:54 Released 21/11/22   $15

35. Sissy Strap-on Fuck & Forced BBC Bang ***: 3 Different sissy boys craving cock. I peg the 1st, fuck the 2nd with my strap-on and my BBC stud makes the 3rd one gape after a hard pounding. Duration 7:13 Released 26/11/22   $10


36. Stupid Young Girl ***: Mistress is the mom of a young girls bf  in town visiting. She tells the girl she's nothing but tits + ass to her son who's out late one night. Spanking the girl for being naïve she orders the girl to kiss her feet then uses a dildo to fuck her proving that anyone can control her sexually.  Duration: 17:07 Released 27/11/22  $30


37. Scat Compilation ***: The BEST scat video yet with my newest clips of 2023 including shitting on a restrained sub in a catsuit, going #2 after anal sex, 3 different intimate bathroom close-ups, squatting over an eager hungry toilet slave & feeding him directly in his mouth & a brand new fart & POV pics/moments.Duration 11:18 Released 02/02/23  $30


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