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Send PAYPAL Payments to: paypal.me/cherrypie99  **ATTENTION: ONLY Paypal Payments: Add 5$ Extra to payments $1-$50 or add $10 Extra to payments $51+ to cover Paypal Fees


2.) TEXT/PHONE  778-987-2767  once payment is complete. Provide the Video #(s) that you've paid for.


3.) Tell me where you'd like your videos sent. I can send to ANY E-MAIL or WHATSAPP  account.


Videos are in Order from OLDEST RELEASE (#1) to my NEWEST RELEASE (#46). This (***) symbol beside the title means there's another person in the video with me. Prices are in Canadian $$ ( Tax included ) Gratuity/Tip is optional but appreciated! 


















July 2018- July 2019


1. Scat & Smoke

Mistress Suzanne sitting on her toilet smoking a cigarette & taking a large "brown". POV Views & SEXY chat. (Duration 6:29) $40


2. Sexy Feet Trampling w/Foot Job Ending ***

I tease + trample my Subs' chest with my Sexy French Pedicured Feet. He's then rewarded with my famous foot job before I order him to cum between my pretty toes (Duration 12:58) $25

3. A BBC Mouthful ***  

Four different BBC blowjobs with my hottest well hung black bulls, all in 1 VERY HOT VIDEO showcasing my juicy lips, bj skills & love for BBC! (Duration 9:30)  $40 


4. Filled Up with 5 BBC Creampies***2 Part Combo

Part 1 Fuck Train While I had a Sub over one of my Bulls came by unexpectedly....with 4 friends! I tied up my Sub w/ball gag + put him into my closet. The guys ran a "Fuck Train" on me while my sub peeked through the closet doors. 5 Creampies in Total! (Duration 17:57) Part 2 Clean-Up Time! I almost forgot about my Sub as I lay back with my full pussy until I heard his cries. I lead him out of the closet  to clean up (Duration 3:55) Total Duration: 21:52 $45

5.Tits, Lips & That Hypnotic Voice

This mesmerizing video is for the many fans that wish to see the softer side of Mistress Suzanne as she seduces you.... teasing you with her lips wrapped around a dildo telling you how she'll suck your cock. Includes an erotic reveal of her luscious breasts. (Duration 6:27) $25

6. Horny Mondays at Suzanne's House 

Mistress Suzanne was in a naughty mood after a day at the pool! Watch as she lays back in her sexy swimsuit sucking 2 of her favourite HUGE dildos before fucking herself, her swimsuit pulled to the side and her big breasts fully exposed and hard from the nipple clamps she put on them. (Duration: 8:57)$45 

7. Serve Me 

Mistress Suzanne describes what she'll make you do if you were in her superior presence. She seductively instructs you on EXACTLY how she wants you to serve & please her orally. You have to earn it because you don't deserve her! (Duration 8:23)  $20 

8. A BBC Bangin' Good Time

Goddess Suzanne is multi-orgasmic! She spreads her legs for her BBC in this Wet n' Wild Pussy Pounding! (Duration 11:56) $40 


9. I Know You Want it My Sissy Slut! 2 Part Combo 

Mistress Suzanne wearing a  Strap-On Tells her Sissy exactly how she's Going to Fuck Him (Duration 4:48)  Part 2 She Humiliates her Sissy , calling him names + ruthlessly describing how she'll stretch him (Duration 6:10) Total Duration: 10:58 $25 


10. My Best Friends' Hot Mom 2 Part Combo 

Mistress Suzanne roleplays a Sexy Mom who sternly scolds then seduces her "Sons'" Best Friend after noticing him staring at her JUICY ass for weeks! (Duration 10:27) Part 2 Worship My AssOrders from your best friends' Milf Mom with J.O.I (Duration 7:04) Total Duration: 17:31 $40 


11. Instructions for My Loyal Pet 

 In this Roleplay I order my "Loyal Pet" to fuck himself properly reminding him that I OWN him and mock him about how much he loves cock, even threatening to "whore him out". Humiliation,findom, toy play instruction and finally, a C.E.I count down (Duration 7:33$25  


 Aug. 2019-Jan. 2020

12. Out-of-Luck-Cuck While Mistress Gets Fucked *** 

 I  Hogtie + Paddle my Useless Cuck before my BBC stud arrives for a HOT Pussy + Ass Fucking! Plenty of face views of me getting fucked hard ; tits bouncing, riding his massive cock, MAJOR MOANiNG + multiple orgasms while my bound + gagged cuckold is forced to watch. My Bull busts a HUGE load deep inside my pussy right at the end.(Duration 15:29) $55 

13. Suck On This!*** 

There's nothing better than Forced Bi with a Sissy Sub that's Craving Cock. I make my Eager Cock Slut Suck + Choke on My 8.5" Black Strap On  (Duration 4:32) $25 

14. BBC Anal Bang ***

Its' been forever since I had a REALLY good BBC Pounding in my tight Ass. You can ONLY IMAGINE the Pain/Pleasure Combo until you see This HOT Video! (Duration 9:53)$55 

15. Sweet + Sloppy ***

God! I love sucking BBC! This video will have you tingling between your legs in seconds.... And the surprise pounding HOT finale is the 'cherry on top'. (Duration 9:36) $40 

16. You Are My Sissy Cock Slut 

In this extremely explicit verbal roleplay  I describe how I will dress you like my pretty whore. Then Mistress will prepare you to be the perfect little cock slut for me + take you out to have your sissy pussy  filled the way you've always fantasized. (Duration 10:11)  $25  

 Jan.- April 2020 

17. Learn To Control it! JOI & CEI 

Addressed to my Cum Sissies, this taunting, yet erotic, humiliation-filled video includes name calling, drawn out J.O.i. and a final gargling C.E.I (Duration 9:08) $30 

18. 3 Anal Orgasms from Mistress' Pegging! *** 

Wearing my Black Strap-on I Deep throat my Submissive in a forced bi beginning.  I peg him from Behind with my 10 inch dildo making him cum 3 times in a row! Watch the cum run down his balls in this hot video that proves why I've  been told I'm the best in the West. (Duration 4:04) $25 

19. Covid Prevention: CEI from Your Mistress 

This WILD 100% FICTIONAL Fantasy Roleplay video shows Mistress Suzanne instructing her subs to follow her 'Cum-Eating Recipe' to prevent the Virus from further spreading Note: This is 100% ACTING and does not contain actual medical facts (Duration 10:42) $30 


April -June 2020


20. A Gift During Isolation to Keep Her Wet 

Since Mistress Suzanne was isolated at a separate address from her favorite BBC, he had a gift delivered. "Faster! Deeper! Harder!" are his orders while he strokes his huge cock watching her fuck herself and have multiple orgasms with the massive black dildo he had delivered to her door. (Duration 13:47) $55


21. J.o.i Countdown with Mistress in a Latex CatSuit 

Mistress Suzanne in a zippered crotch-peeping latex catsuit has her sexy pink pussy spread open for you to see. Teasing you by playfully fingering her clit + hinting that she knows what you wish you could do to her. Then she slowly counts to 10 instructing you to jerk off and demanding that you fill up her pussy with your creampie when she gets to 10! (Duration 5:10) $55 

22. Go & Suck Some BBC Tranny Cock! 

Mistress Suzanne hypnotizes you in this EROTIC video telling you to go suck some black Tranny cock.(Duration 4:33) $20


23. Multi-Orgasmic Mistress ***

You will envy, yet admire, the stamina & rhythm of Mistress Suzanne's BBC Bull. He keeps her cumming with every stroke and pulse of his massive cock . Cumshots, a cream pie and POV views of his cock sliding into her pussy are just a few highlights in this wet and wild marathon pounding (Duration 22:16) $55 

24. Nurse Orders Cum Swish Covid Test While Smoking 

Mistress Suzanne dressed in a risque nurse costume lights up a cigarette during a "not-so-routine" Covid 19 test. In this HOT verbal roleplay fantasy "nurse" Suzanne hands you a cup and instructs you to go jerk off into it. But when you return you're directed to swish it and spit it back into the cup as part of the testing procedure. (Duration 5:39) $25

25. I'm Going to Make you a Trans that Loves the Taste of Cum!

In this alluring erotic hypnosis video Mistress Suzanne addresses you in an almost trance-like voice telling you she WILL succeed in both making you a trans sissy and assuring you that you WILL love the taste of jizz when she's done with you. (Duration 11:23) $40 


 July & Aug. 2020 


26.Drunk Mistress Fucks BBC after Club***

Tyrone is the lucky man Mistress Suzanne takes home after a fetish party. He feels even luckier when the curvy Goddess sucks on him as an appetizer and then leads him right into her "ass" where he shoots a huge load that she pushes out of her perfectly juicy ass! HOT beyond words! (Duration 7:34) $50

27. Cuckold BBC Gangbang ***

Mistress ends up in a 4-some with 3 well hung BBC's. She gets creampied in her ass, pussy and a huge cumshot too. And with her anxious Cuckold in the room Mistress makes him suck some BBC to prepare it for her and when its all over he is ordered to clean her up.(Duration 6:21) $55

28. Femdom Dental Visit with Mistress Suzanne

You realize soon enough that Dr. Suzanne didn't give you any ordinary laughing gas as you sit completely restrained in her dental chair during your visit with your beautiful, yet very controlling, dentist. You can't do anything but watch in helpless horror while she does things to you. This femdom dentist roleplay is both exciting yet realistic....a crazy turn-on. (Duration 11:56) $25

29.Your Cock is SO Much Bigger then my Husbands *** 

In this super close up BBC cock sucking and hard core doggy style pounding Mistress Suzanne roleplays a cheating wife that's horny for BBC and fed up with her husbands' tiny cock. She gushes about her useless husband and how much better this HUGE cock is then his. (Duration 8:51) $55

30. You Have Some Ass Kissing To Do! ***

In this ass worship roleplay Mistress Suzanne plays a naughty Boss who's employee is in danger of losing his job after she catches him watching porn at work. To save his job this Boss Lady has a lot of ass kissing orders for him to fulfill. She farts on him as he is instructed to clean and thoroughly lick out her asshole then watch him fuck her ass to her orders and cum in it. (Duration 9:39) $55

Sept. & Oct. 2020

31.Mommy/Son RolePlay Compilation

One of Mistress Suzanne's most popular roleplay requests! Mistress plays a naughty & seductive Mommy in this verbal roleplay compilation combining 3 of her hottest mommy/son roleplay clips into one extended video. Includes sinful confessions to her Babyboy and hot breast pump tease. (Duration 9:31) $45 


32. A BBC Will Always be Superior to YOU! ***

Mistress Suzanne plays a cheating gf who brings home a well hung BBC from the club and mocks her waiting boyfriend telling him how pathetic he is and how tiny his dick. She orders him to suck the BBC before he fucks her in front of her cuckold bf. After a hard pounding her BBC lays back and jerks off to her wish so she can order her cuck bf to lick it up. (Duration 8:01) $50 

33. Ruthless Mistress Suzanne

This was filmed during an ACTUAL phone session wherein Mistress Suzanne was asked to be as extreme as possible. The client wanted to roleplay a backtalking sub that needed to be put in his place. And Mistress delivers in this sadistic, merciless verbal beating! The most ruthless recording of Mistress Suzanne EVER! (Duration 5:01) $25

34. BBC Breeds Cheating Milf At Halloween Party***

After her useless bf passes out drunk at a Halloween party Mistress Suzanne is

approached by a sexy BBC with 12" to give her in this  insanely erotic roleplay. She gives in & lets him fuck her until he shockingly unloads a MASSIVE load into her pussy. (Duration 9:17) $60 

Nov. & Dec. 2020 

35. Mom Teases her son by Riding a Dildo  

A recorded live cam session where Mistress Suzanne roleplays a naughty Mom teasing her son by riding a big dildo. She tells him it could be him inside her one day...but ONLY if he's a good boy! (Duration4:38) $55 

36. Mistress Gets Dicked Down by BBC  ***

 Starting with the HOTTEST cock sucking, this crowned BBC Empress then gets pounded hard by the ultimate BBC Bull! Two cream-pies deposited deep inside her seal the deal! (Duration 10:13) $65 

37. BBC Cock Sucking Training for Sissy's ***

Using her hung, responsive BBC Stud as an assistant, Mistress Suzanne gives a detailed, seductive demonstration of various cock sucking techniques & tips for her sissy sluts who crave cock to suck. (Duration 7:35) $50 

38. Toilet Fetishes; The Ultimate "Golden/Brown" Compilation!

SiX scat, pee & toilet fetish clips in ONE delicious EXTENDED video for human toilets & golden/brown fetish subs! A MUST HAVE VIDEO starring your Gorgeous Goddess (Duration 13:17) $70 

39. Fart, Ass & Pussy Worship Compilation***

Full of ass tasting & fart sniffing orders from your gorgeous Goddess, combined with pussy worshipping clips and plenty of humiliation. These 7 short favorites make up this ONE EXTENDED "yummy" compilation for my fart fetish, pussy licking & ass sniffing fans. A collection of MY HOTTEST!  (Duration 9:23) $55

Jan- March 2021 


40. BBC Banging "Climax Compilation"***

This mouthwatering "BBC fucking" compilation will leave you drooling as you watch over a dozen of Mistress Suzanne's sexiest climaxes with various BBC's in ONE STEAMY video! Raw audio, countless cum shots, anal & pussy cream pies + slow-mo effects deliver an experience like no other! Pure pumping perfection is the only way to describe this lustful combo of her BEST BBC BEDROOM BUSTS! (Duration 13:42) $55

41. Fuck Yourself my Cock Slut!

Mistress Suzanne provides the instructions while she dishes out a good dose of SPH and humiliating taunts during this recorded live cam call with one of her eager cock sluts who needs detailed orders on exactly how to fuck his ass so he's ready for real cock!

(Duration 11:28) $40 

42. Traded to to BBC Drug Dealer for Drugs***

Mistress Suzanne roleplays a wife in a couple out buying drugs in a sketchy part of town. Shockingly her hubby agrees when the black drug dealer wants to have some fun with her in exchange for drugs! The BBC street thug takes great pleasure in rough handling & then dicking down the "married white bitch" who's never had a black cock. (Duration: 10:16) $60 

43. CEI Punishment

Mistress Suzanne angrily scolds her submissive for contacting another Mistress. Wearing a provocative outfit and thigh high boots she orders her disobedient pet to swallow 3 loads of his own cum while ruthlessly berating him for his disloyalty! (Duration: 9:00) $35

44. Cream-pie Eater***

Mistress Suzanne tells her cuck boy to prep her pussy because her BBC's coming over. He eagerly licks her pussy to get her ready until her BBC Bull arrives. But when he accidentally creampies her she puts her cuck to work immediately to "clean up" the mess (Duration 8:30) $60 


April 2021 


45. Mom Gets Blacked***

In this mommy/son roleplay Mistress Suzanne plays a  horny cheating mom caught fucking a BBC stud by her son. When she notices him standing in her doorway with a hard-on watching them she tells him to come in since he's obviously curious. Through her moans of pleasure she says his Dad can't ever please her the way a BBC can. "You might learn a thing or 2", she laughs after her well hung stud suggests he  could show her son how he pleasures his Mom.  (Duration 10:47)  $70

46. Smoking while her Pet Serves her Pussy***

What a Diva she is! Mistress Suzanne lays back chatting seductively to her watchers as her thirsty sub licks and sucks her pussy hoping to be squirted by the stunning Goddess. At one point she directs him to bring her cigarettes and lights up, barely acknowledging his efforts  as he anxiously continues worshipping the gorgeous confident redhead.(Duration 12:53) $45



Custom Video Creations 


I make Custom Videos Personalized to YOU! Content is based on YOUR Fantasies + Fetishes. You'll be impressed with my superior improvisation skills + the ability to create exactly what you used to only dream of! Request to have your name said throughout the video and let it come to LIFE ....made JUST FOR YOU! FULL PAYMENT BEFORE FILMING. COMPLETED VIDEOS CAN BE SENT to any WHATSAPP OR E-MAIL ACCOUNT.

POPULAR CONTENT REQUESTS INCLUDE* Personalization of your video ( I say your name throughout). Role Plays. Fetishes. Requested Scenarios. Instructions. Erotic Hypnosis. Costume/Clothing requests. Scripted acts. Voiceovers and more. Extreme Requests may be extra.. Videos including other people are extra.


Please text or e-mail your custom request & be as detailed as possible about the content you desire for your individualized quote. Requests should include most of the following in order to get a proper quote:


1. How  long you'd like your video, audio clip or voiceover to be?

2. Describe the scenario, roleplay and fetishes you'd like included.        3. Do you have any clothing, make-up or other accessory requests?

4. Does the custom creation require additional people?

5. Does the content include exceptions to my "Rules & Etiquette" list that can be found on my Online Sessions page?

6. Are there any extreme fetishes you'd like included?


E-mail to: