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Fetish Videos  

1. Smoke & Scat: Watch as your beautiful Mistress seductively chats with you as she has a cigarette, all the while sitting on the toilet for a #2 that's HOT, NAUGHTY and DELICIOUS to watch! Duration 6:29  +Released 07/24/18    $30 

2. Horny Mondays at Suzanne's: One of the most intimate recordings of your Goddess! Exuding sex appeal in a  1-piece swimsuit ,watch Suzanne pleasure herself with 2  dildos in this sexy masturbation video. Duration: 8:57 +Released 02/12/19     $35

3. Sissy Humiliation: This sadistic yet tantalizing  roleplay will make any Sissy cream their panties. Mistress directs this one right at YOU as she explains how she'll dress you up + stretch you out because she knows EXACTLY what you've been fantasizing about! Duration: 6:10 +Released 07/17/19      $15

4. Your Best Friend's Hot Milf Mom: Your best buddy's sizzling HOT MILF Mom confronts you  that she noticed you've been staring at her juicy ass! She sternly but seductively instructs you to worship it in this 2 part video.  PART 1 Duration: 10:27 PART 2 Duration: 7:04 Combined Duration: 17:31 +Released 07/26/19       $20

5. Slut For BBC***: Mistress Suzanne gets a raw pounding from a 20 yr. old BBC stud. He makes her cum multiple times leaving her with a big cream-pie but is ready for round 2 within minutes! Duration: 12:13  +Released 06/21/21     $35

6. Lick That Pussy***: Mistress has an obedient pet between her legs + she seductively chats with you smoking a cig topless, pausing only to instruct him on how to please her properly. Duration: 12:53 +Released 04/21/21     $15

7. Traded for Drugs to BBC Drug Dealer***: Miss Suzanne plays a wife whose husband trades her to a BBC drug dealer for drugs. He has his way with her while her pathetic husband waits in the car. Duration: 10:1 6+Released 11/28/20    $30

8. BBC Queen Loves to Suck + Fuck***:  Watch the BBC oral Empress as she takes it in her big juicy lips. After she gets her black bull ready he fucks her like a champion! Duration: 10:13 +Released 11/1/20  $35

9. Toilet Play Compilation Golden/Brown Showers:

Mistress Suzanne's best golden & brown shower clips in one incredible POV compilation. . Duration: 13:17 +Released 11/27/20    $30

10. BBC Cumshots & Creampies***:  NON-STOP Action in this collection of the best climaxes, cream-pies + cumshots with different BBC's  that pleasured your Mistress over the years. Duration: 13:25  +Released  11/19/21    $35

11. Son Catches Mom Getting Blacked***: Mom getting drilled by her BBC lover catches her son spying in the doorway. She makes him watch telling him  his Dad would never fuck her like that. Duration: 10:47 +Released 04/12/21     $30 

12. Pegging + Strap-On Compilation***:  EXTREME fisting, forced bi with a strap-on + finally a hard core triple orgasm with Mistress Suzanne's 5-star anal pegging is all you need to see to KNOW why she's  one of the BEST in the Dom/Fetish Industry! Duration: 12:23 +Released 11/26/21    $15

13.Masturbating Mommy Punishes Spying Son: Mom catches her son peeking while she's masturbating so calls him in pulling out a big strap-on and telling him to ride it promising to be gentle. Duration: 7:34 +Released 02/15/21    $30 

14. Stepmom Pleases The School Bully***: Watch as Billy's stepmom trades in her loyalty to her stepson by having a wet and wild fling with the young school bully who steals her sons lunch money. Duration: 12:15 +Released 09/22/21    $30

 15. Extreme BBC Fucking***: A Super HOT compilation of Suzanne with about 10 different BBC studs pleasing her. The hottest climaxes from all her BBC shorts. You'll love this if you've watched any of her BBC videos before. Duration: 13:23  +Released 01/07/22       $35  

16. I'm Going to Turn You Into a Trans: This erotic roleplay of Mistress addressing her hopeful Sissy sluts is so seductive it will have you wanting to please her by learning how to suck cock and drink cum and love every second of it. Duration: 11:23 +Released 07/10/20    $20

17. Cum Eating Covid Cure:  In this verbal roleplay Mistress Suzanne instructs you through a CEI. She has you convinced that by swallowing many loads you will prevent yourself from getting Covid. If you follow her instructions you will be OK. Duration: 10:42  +Released 03/15/20    $15

18. Hallowe'en Party Gone Wrong ***: In this naughty roleplay Mistress plays the girlfriend of a white guy who passes out at a party from drinking too much. When she gets hit on by a sexy black man she decides to allow him to please her since her boyfriend can't. Duration: 9:17 +Released 10/28/20    $30

19. Fem Dom Dental Roleplay Forced Intox: In this seductive skit Mistress plays a Dental Assistant who drugs + uses her patient while she has him in the dentist chair. Sexy yet realistic. Duration: 7:51 +Released 06/13/20    $15

20. CEI As a Punishment: This very strict roleplay has your Mistress in a verbal roleplay instructing you to swallow 3 loads of your cum as a punishment for being disloyal to her and seeking out another Mistress. Duration: 9:00 +Released 11/11/20       $15

21. Ruthless Mistress: If you  don't think Mistress Suzanne can be ruthless then you haven't watched this video. You'll see Mistress has no mercy as you see her in role as the sadistic Dominatrix she can be. This is a live cam recording with a rape and SPH roleplay. Duration: 20:06  +Released 10/14/20     $25

22. Erotic Hypnosis (with JOI countdown): This is an explicit version of an erotic hypnosis roleplay. I have a few shorter examples of this on YouTube but none that include me topless and a full JOI countdown. Duration: 12:07 +Released 06/27/21    $15

23. Mom and Son Roleplay Compilation:  This provocative collection of 3 short clips goes together perfectly as Mistress Suzanne plays a seductive Mommy teasing her son and finally attaching nipple pumps for a teasing milking to watch POV. Duration: 9:31  +Released 12/15/20     $20

24. Ass Worship/Odor Fetish Compilation: Fart fetish fans this one's for you. A collection of farts + ass worshippers who love to sniff lick and taste my ass. Duration: 9:23 +Released 12/02/20    $20

25. Night Club Booty Call w/Young BBC: Mistress Suzanne captures the attention of a young BBC more than half her age when she goes out for a club night. The 20 yr old takes her home + after fingering the 45 yr old milf she sucks + rides him raw until it's his turn to show off his youthful stamina. Duration: 16:57 +Released 05/28/21     $35

26. Bosses Orders or You're Fired!: Mistress Suzanne plays a horny boss who discovers her employee has been watching porn on company time. She orders him to lick + fuck her ass to keep his job instructing him to unload in it at the end. Duration: 9:39 +Released 03/27/21     $25

27. BBC Cuckold Gangbang: Here is the  long awaited gangbang cuckold video my BBC cream pie clean up boys have been waiting for.  Part 1 Duration 13:19 Part 2 Duration: 17:37 TOTAL DURATION:  30:56 Released 01/09/22   $60

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