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MY CUSTOM Fetish Videos, Clips & Audio Voice Recordings! Request a personalized quote through the form below. 

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Creating a video involves a lot more than simply recording and sending. Often I go through an hour or more of filmed footage to create a 5-10 minute finished product. I need time to do my make-up and hair, set up the lighting after choosing the best spot to record, set up background or backdrops if needed and then doing the actual filming which itself requires the right mindset and a well thought out outline in my head before filming starts. Everything I record is improv! I then take the raw footage and edit. I'm often left with dozens of clips that need to be put back in order after cutting out undesirable parts such as unexpected interruptions, body noises burps, farts, hiccups or sneezes, awkward narration such as stumbling over words, awkward silences, repeated words, ummmm or ahhhs or mispronunciations. Finally I get the finished product. The entire process can take anywhere between 6-12 hours for a video of just me. I can usually have it for you within a few days of receiving your payment. I will give you an exact day that you'll receive it once you send payment as the completed video date will depend on the fact that I still work throughout such a project taking online bookings and there are certain days and times of the week that are much busier than others making it impossible to work on such a request. Let me know if you'd like to move ahead once you receive my reply!

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