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Fetish Videos, Voiceovers & Audio Clips

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Creating a video involves a lot more than simply recording & sending. Often I go through up to an hour or more of filmed footage to create a 5-10 min. finished product. Before I film I need to do my make-up, hair, outfit, set up lighting, background and finally the filming which requires the right mindset and well thought out outline as everything I record is improv! I then take the raw footage and edit. I'm often left with dozens of clips that need to be put back in order after cutting out undesirable parts. Finally I get the finished product. The entire process can take many hours sometimes days. I do my best to complete custom requests as quickly as possible but I still work throughout it doing my online sessions so on super busy days/nights it makes it impossible to work on anything else. Providing me with as much detail as possible in your quote request really helps. Go thru my roleplays, create the session page, fetishes I cater to and my terms to get some ideas before sending your request. 

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