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Fetishes I Cater To 
I have 20+ yrs of HANDS ON EXPERIENCE in the DOMINATION & FETISH INDUSTRY. I NOW SPECIALIZE IN ONLINE ROLEPLAYS, UNIQUE/TABOO FETiSHES and VIRTUAL FANTASIES. No single person could possibly enjoy ALL the fetishes I've listed below. Some are heavy and extreme, others milder, nurturing, even sensuous. This is about exploring + finding the fetishes that YOU enjoy. Most fetishes listed can be included in my Online Sessions. Please research any unfamiliar fetishes before you ask for them.
Strap-On/Pegging/Anal Play:
I LOVE to instruct my online subs on how to fuck themselves to achieve an anal orgasm.  Ordering you to suck on the Strap-on that I'm wearing for our live cam session during a roleplay scenario or humiliating my Sissys about craving cock is often requested. If you follow my orders EXACTLY the way I give them you will discover new levels of pleasure you never knew existed. Having your own toys or something to insert is of course preferred but if you don't I can teach you how to make your own toy with simple items you probably have in your house. Having lube is also important if you're requesting pegging insruction.  BEST FOR LIVE CAM. TEXT SESSIONS ALSO WORK BUT PHONE ISN'T PREFERRED.
Sissy Play/X- Dressing/Sissy-Maid Training
Sissy Fetish requests can include Toy training (butt plugs, dildos, strap-on), Anal stretching, Make-up application instructions, Lingerie or wardrobe advice, training for Sissy presentation, mannerisms, posture, etiquette & Sissy Maid discipline + training, Sissy Humiliation, degrading and name calling, Pimpstressing roleplaying and for more full time dedicated Sissys my Ownership might be an option  ( Sissy Ownership). This fetish is most often a part time desire however I'm proud to say that I have supported one of my sissys through their permanent transition male to female and have another currently in the process of permanent transition. TEXT, PHONE OR LIVE CAM WORKS
Humiliation is the most requested fetish I get. It includes SPH (Small Penis Humiliation), Cuckold Humiliation, Belittling, Name Calling, Race Play, Degradation, Taunting, Laughter, Mockery + more. DON'T be fooled by my sexy voice! I can be downright cruel + merciless so if you ask me to include this fetish, tell me exactly HOW EXTREME  you wish me to be!  Remember this is STRICTLY ROLEPLAYED. You can also buy Video #3 or #21 in my Fetish Video Collection for an example of my unbelievably realistic humiliation skills ( Fetish Videos 4 Sale)  TEXT, PHONE OR LIVE CAM WORKS
 J.O.I. + C.E.I 
I am an expert at "Jerk Off Instruction" (J.O.I) and "Cum Eating Instruction" (C.E.I). I'm also very experienced at Controlled Orgasms, Cum Countdown, Ruined Orgasms, Edging, Tease & Denial and Forced Cum Eating. These fetishes only work in LIVE CAM SESSIONS for obvious reasons.
I cater to CBT  fetishes (Cock & Ball Torture) in my LIVE CAM SESSIONS. This may include Cock/Ball Restraint instructions (tying) Ordered Self Impact,  forced Milking & Hot Wax administration. THESE CAN ONLY BE DONE IN LIVE CAM SESSIONS so I can watch you obey. I also engage in more extreme roleplays (TEXT OR PHONE ONLY !)
Spanking/Impact Play:
I have experience in light to extreme spankings & over the knee (OTK) spankings. This fetish is BEST IN A TEXT scenario. It still works for phone roleplays but doesn't work  well for live cam  unless you're willing to administer the spankings when & how I order you to! 
involving Neutering, Branding + Castration . 
Nipple Play & Breastfeeding 
Nipple play instruction is available. Or, if you want to watch me pump my breasts in a LIVE CAM SESSION, I have a high suction breast pump popular in Mommy/Son Roleplays including breastfeeding fantasy.
Mommy and Son Roleplay
I can provide a gentle, nurturing, encouraging, sensuous Mommy/Son roleplay session or a Mommy that's stern, mean, scolding or punishing..  I'm very comfortable slipping into role for such a scenario as my 1st ever experience doing a fetish session (infantilism) was seeing an "Adult baby" when I was 18! Please note that a MOMMY/SON roleplay is simply describing characters we will play out but does not describe a fetish in itself. Fetish add-ons are often varied ranging from stern mommy spankings or gentle mommy breastfeeding to mommy turning her son into a sissy & pegging fantasy.
Restraints & Confinement 
I can include restraints or confinement fetishes in TEXT ROLEPLAYS ONLY . Mummification, Realistic Kidnapping Scenarios, Caged Pets & Human Furniture are all examples. Because it's very difficult to restrain yourself, incorporating handcuffs, ankle shackles or gags ONLY works for TEXT.
A chastity cage may be worn for the duration of a single session, for an arranged period or over a long-term period. You can purchase one online with my advice. I cater to long distance & local caging + key holding. My Ownership contracts often include my sub being locked + fully under my control on a more long term basis. The longest I've had a sub in chastity was 4 months! *Please note I DO NOT provide chastity cages
Foot Fetishes
Experienced in all Foot Fetish Requests. I HAVE GORGEOUS Size 9 feet with high arches + always pedicured! Clean or dirty/smelly feet requests. Admire my soles & pretty painted toenails on Live Cam. I also offer foot fetish humiliation + sniffing or licking orders/teasing in my roleplays. I have a wide assortment of High Heels, Wedges, Sandals + Boots.  Used socks FOR SALE (Personal Items for Sale)
Fart Fetishes & Odor Play 
I offer Fart Fetish Sessions on live cam or phone. I can also incorporate odor play such as armpit sniffing , stinky/sweaty feet and ass sniffing in my online roleplays. My used panties or socks can be purchased (Personal Items For Sale) and can be worn for extended durations before mail-out for my biggest odor fetish fans.
Cuckold & Cream-pie Clean-up
I have multiple BBC/cuckold/cream-pie videos for purchase (Fetish Videos). SPH, degradation, Cuckold humiliation or cream-pie/cleanup orders are commonly requested in my online BBC/Cuckold Roleplays. I love to humiliate and tease my cucks and cock hungry sissy boys and remind them how superior a BBC is.  Plenty of real life BBC stories to tell you about!
Forced Bi 
Forced Bi is a VERY popular Fetish request in my cuckold scenarios and from sissys that like humiliation and more extreme degradation in their scenarios with me. BEST IN TEXT OR PHONE SESSIONS or ROLEPLAYED IN LIVE CAM CONNECTIONS. Because I have actual experience with this it's easy for me to cater to this request. BBC/Cuckold roleplays including forced bi fantasies are the most popular combination.
Facesitting & Smothering 
I can include these fetishes in my online sessions (Live Cam POV) and have a few videos 4 purchase with breath play , facesitting + smothering. 
Golden/Brown Showers 
I OFFER  Brown and Golden Showers on LiVE CAM for an additional fee of 75$ (within a minimum 20 minute session). A shower request on cam does require preperation. I perform ALL Natural Showers (No Artificial Aids or Pills) and there are only so many #2's in a day! Payment must be sent in advance if requesting BS & PLEASE give me as much notice as possible if requesting GS. Let me know YOUR availability so I can text you when I'm ready. I also have brown/golden shower fetish videos for sale including my NEW toilet compilation. 
Human Pets 
I have experience in  Collar + Leash Training and can incorporate such a fetish in any online session. This fetish is most popular in text or phone sessions although I can show you the collar I'd make you wear if included in a LIVE CAM roleplay.
Erotic Hypnosis  This roleplayed fantasy is something I can ONLY do in a LIVE CAM SESSION as it involves  you looking directly into my eyes. It's a mind control fetish wherein you get lost in my sexy voice and hypnotic green eyes looking right into you. Often it's the basis for a VERY personal JOI or CEI session. 
Findom (Financial Domination)
Have you dreamt of handing over your earnings to an experienced Financial Dominatrix before? Have you ever fantasized about the thrill of transferring a substantial sum to a beautiful Mistress who you know deserves it more then you? Are you confused about your TRUE purpose in life but realize deep inside HOW MUCH YOU DESIRE serving a superior Goddess like me by working hard every day so that on payday you can send me your cash? If so, then you might just be my perfect PAY PET, PAY PIGGIE OR HUMAN ATM! You must 1st send me a $$$ tribute followed by a TEXT to get Mistress's Attention! MY happiness is YOUR goal! Extreme financial domination means being relentlessly controlled and manipulated so that providing for one's owner is the most important thing in the world. It's a very powerful addiction and GODDESS continues making it stronger and stronger. It would destroy you if not for HER guidance of your tiny mind to the paths SHE wants. Extreme financial domination means losing one's identity and being made into a cash cow with no other purpose than to feed it's owner's GREED. It means succumbing to relentless psychological manipulation. CLICK on the PAYPIG BUTTON BELOW TO SEND YOUR TRIBUTE or send by e-transfer to my E-Mail:
Ownership & TPE 
Do  you dream of being Owned? Long term Ownership is the ultimate commitment to give control to a Mistress who you'll serve on a full time basis. Engaging in a total power exchange involve a wide range of tasks, duties and assignments for both Mistress and Slave. Sharing your desires with a true Dominatrix can be an incredibly rewarding experience. My Mistress/Slave contracts are designed to help you define your submissive side and to negotiate every aspect of your submission. The key to your success is to make your Ownership Contract with me suitable to both of us . If this is your first time we will start off slow exploring fetishes that are comfortable to you. You don't have to try it all and especially not all at once. Mistress keeps it safe, sane and consensual. If you don't know much about this fetish, research it first. Keep your communication open. You can always make changes to your contract. LONGTERM OWNERSHIP 
Roleplay Characters I am Experienced in
I have been nicknamed "CANADA'S Roleplay SPECIALIST" for a reason!  My most Popular Roleplay Character combinations include Mommy/Son, Teacher/Student, Auntie/Nephew, Therapist/Patient, Best Friend's Hot Milf Mom/Sons Best Friend, Boss/Employee, StepMom/Stepson, Cuckold Husband/Cheating Wife with BBC(s), Nurse/Patient,  Sexy Milf Neighbor/Boy next door, Wifes Best Friend/Tempted Husband, Mistress with her Submissive/Slave, Mistress with her Sissy in training & Naughty nurse with patient.My greatest talent is improv in naughty, dominant roles and being able to slip into character immediately, naturally and convincingly. My Roleplays are so realistic I've had clients call back after online sessions just to make sure I was really acting! ROLEPLAY in ITSELF IS NOT A FETISH. THEY'RE CHARACTERS WE PLAY TO MAKE YOUR FETISH REQUEST  CHARACTERS 
My Hard Limits! 
I DO NOT play submissive roles
I am NOT an Escort or Cam Sex Girl
I WILL NOT engage in ANY ROLE PLAYS ABOUT very young innocent children or babies!
I will NOT roleplay anything surrounding rape of me or another female. 
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