Fetishes I Cater To:


    I have 25 yrs of EXPERIENCE in BDSM/DOMINATION, ROLEPLAY, TABOO KINKS + UNIQUE FETiSHES. The fetishes that I cater to can be included in a text, phone or live cam session although some work better than others in specific sessions. I'm also provide VERY SELECT In-Person sessions in Vancouver. My BBC Bull is available with me on Friday Nights by Appointment.


Strap-On/Pegging/Toy Training: 

Do you fantasize about Anal Play? Do you have your own toys? Longing to be ordered to suck on a Strap-On that Mistress is wearing? Curious about getting pegged? Via text it could be part of a roleplay scenario, in a phone session I would descriptively tell you what I would make you do or how I want you to use your own toys or items, or on live cam you could physically see me wearing my strap-on or holding the dildo I would use on you. I can make my subs experience an anal orgasm almost every time and in person it's almost guaranteed! Toys I have include anal beads, dildos from 4"-14" both slim and thick, a butt plug, a "drill-do" 16" electrically operated dildo toy, an expandable 8" dildo and a strap-on harness that fits most of the dildos I have. If coming in person please use a douche kit/enema kit before your appointment. Also check INCALL HOURS on my Contact Page.


I have experience with light to extreme spankings. I'm quite good with my bare hands and over the knee spanking too. This fetish and my experiences can be incorporated into any of my Online Sessions although the physical experience during an in-person encounter is likely more satisfying. My equipment for spankings includes a leather and wooden paddle, whip, riding crop, flogger and wooden spoon.

Sissy Training & Cross Dressing:  

My Sissy Training can include Toy training, Anal stretching for Sissy Sluts wanting to serve REAL cock one day, Make-up/ Lingerie shopping & application assistance, the "how to's" for proper Sissy presentation, Mannerisms, Posture, Etiquette, Discipline + Humiliation, Sissy Maid training, Pimpstressing, Chastity Cage Training (Short + Long term, Local + Long Distance), Sissy Ownership, Keyholding, Remote Access Toy Control & Sissy Roleplays in my Online Sessions. For In-person Sessions I have a wide array of clothes, lingerie, shoes & wigs for my Crossdressers & Sissies.


I'm VERY skilled at  Humiliation including S.P.H (Small Penis Humiliation), Cuckold Humiliation, Belittling, Name Calling, Race Play, Religion Play, Degradation, Taunting, Laughter, Public Mockery+ Public Humiliation Scenarios (These must be booked in advance).  DON'T be fooled by my sweet, sexy voice! I can be downright cruel and merciless so if you ask me to include this fetish, tell me exactly how EXTREME you wish me to be!

 J.o.i. and C.e.i. 

I have become an expert at J.O.I. and C.E.I. I enjoy Controlled Orgasms, Cum Countdown, Ruined Orgasm, Edging and Tease & Denial. These work really well via phone or live cam sessions too. I also engage in ROLEPLAYS involving Neutering, Branding and Castration.


I am experienced in Cock & Ball Torture including Cock/Ball Restraints, Impact Play, Milking, Tease + Denial, Edging and Ball Busting. (Online Instructions + Orders too)

Nipple Play & Breastfeeding 

I have experience in mild to extreme nipple play. I have nipple clamps for In-Person Sessions & a Breast Pump (for Online shows too). I cater to Breastfeeding Roleplays Online or In-Person Lactation & Breastfeeding Sessions (popular during Mommy/Son Roleplays or Adult Baby Sessions). 

Adult Babies (Infantilism):

I saw my first adult baby when I was 18 yrs old for this fetish so I'm very comfortable with it, providing a 'gentle + nurturing "Mommy-Like mood". 

Restraints & Confinement:  My specialty is instructing you on how to tie up your cock/balls over the phone/live cam or doing it to you in person during an IN/OUTCALL. Roleplays including extended confinement, gags and other forms of restraint can certainly be included in my roleplays(text) 


Chastity Cage Lock-Up: A chastity belt may be worn for the duration of a session, for an arranged period or in a long-term arrangement.I DO NOT supply chastity devices for Hygienic Reasons. You can purchase one online for between $100 + $200 (Pink Cherry is a great Online Store) I cater to long distance and local key holding. 


Foot Fetishes: Extremely Experienced in all Foot Fetish Requests. I HAVE GORGEOUS Size 9 feet with high arches + Always Pedicured! Clean or Dirty Foot Requests. Admire my soles, toes.... my entire foot On Live Cam.  I have a LARGE assortment of HighHeels, Flats, Sandals + Boots. 


Fart Fetishes & Odor Play I Provide Fart Fetish Sessions on live cam. I roleplay odor Play, Armpit Sniffing , Stinky or Sweaty Feet, Ass Sniffing or Ass Licking/Clean-Up/ Rimming in my online roleplays.(text) Used Panties Can Be Purchased and will be worn for as long as you desire


Cuckold Fantasy & Creampie Clean-up: I have a VERY well hung 10" thick BBC Bull available on-call for LIVE CAM Cuckold Sessions. Pre-booking with deposit is required. If you would like a sample of my cuckold sessions spoil yourself with a video purchase from my Private Collection (#13 recommended) I have plenty of BBC videos


Forced Bi:  Forced Bi is VERY popular  during my  Roleplay Sessions Online. (Text/Phone Sessions or verbally during live cam) Because I have actual experience in this it is easy for me to incorporate it in a roleplay session.


Facesitting & Smothering:  I can include these fetishes in my text or phone sessions and have a few videos 4 purchase incorporating BReaTH PLaY, FACESITTING + SMOTHERING.

Roleplays:  I have been nicknamed CANADA'S Roleplay SPECIALIST!  Some of the most Popular Roleplays I  do include: Mommy and Son, Teacher and Student, Auntie and Nephew, Best Friend's Hot Milf Mom and Sons Best Friend, Boss and Employee, StepMom and Stepson,  Cuckold Husband and Wife Cheating with BBC(s), Nurse and Patient,  Sexy Neighbor and Peeping Tom Neighbor, Wife/Girlfriends Dominant/Bribing Best Friend and Tempted Husband/Bf, Mistress Suzanne with 1st time Submissive, Mistress Suzanne with Sissy (Pretty Sissy/Naughty or Slutty Sissy Bitch). My talent is improv in naughty, dominant roles and being able to slip into the character immediately, naturally and convincingly. My Roleplays are so realistic I've had Clients call back after Sessions just to make sure what they Experienced was in fact acting! 


Golden & Brown Showers I specialize in both Brown (75% Success Rate) and Golden Showers (99% Success Rate). I perform ALL Natural Showers (No Artificial Aids or Pills) and I AM Healthy!! Most commonly my human toilets request it directly into their mouth, on face or on chest . I DO NOT touch my showers , however, you may touch and/or consume. I DO perform showers on LiVE CAM (HH Minimum plus 40$ Extra for Showers).


Human Pets: I have experience in  Collar + Leash Training and can incorporate such a fetish in a text or phone session. 

Findom ( Financial Domination) YOU MAY REQUEST  to SERVE Me either with a one time tribute OR on a Weekly/Monthly BasisAN INITIAL TRIBUTE SHOULD BE SENT to get Mistress's Attention+ to be  considered as my PAY PET. MY happiness is YOUR goal!  Tribute VIA E-TRANSFER to my E-Mail: msworkshopscanada@gmail.com or International PETS MAY PAYPAL to SAME E-MAIL although with PayPal there are some stipulations so text before sending


Ownership & T.p.e.

This fetish requires a certain level of trust AND commitment. Consent, Communication + Boundaries MUST be clearly negotiated or outlined prior to such an arrangement.  I have Ownership options of 3 different levels. Level 1 is ownership ONLY for the length of our session/connection or for that one day. I will govern all aspects of your behavior. You will do as your told and I may have certain requirements of you. These requirements will meet my + your needs. I may give you a name of my choosing, control what I wish you to wear + do, and , if our Ownership Agreement is one including FINDOM, you must obey the tributes I demand throughout the outlined period. Level 2 Ownership is one that may span the length of several days or a week for example. It is identical to level 1 however at the end of each session you will be given homework to follow thru with. This type of Ownership is often a training period to prepare my subs for cock servitude. It may also include a certain number of text or phone exchanges as outlined in a contract. These texts might be me checking in on your obedience and/or giving you additional assignments or orders. Level 3 Ownership is the most extreme. Both Level 2 and 3 Ownership require a 100$ initiation fee which entitles you to up to an hour of texting to detail both of our needs and requirements to complete an individualized contract for the term of ownership.

My Hard Limits: I DO NOT SWITCH. I DO NOT play submissive roles! I am NOT an Escort or Cam Girl! I WILL NOT engage in ANY conversations or ROLE PLAYS ABOUT small children or babies! I also will NOT roleplay anything surrounding rape of me or another female.